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The Student's Way

The Student's Way provides highly experienced, special education teachers who help students develop the skills necessary to manage their distinct learning challenges.

We offer integrated support for:

The Student's Way approaches learning differences not as obstacles that must be overcome, but as opportunities to further broaden our insight into the learning process.

Through close, individualized, one-on-one tutoring, The Student's Way consistently succeeds in teaching students to utilize strengths and strategies to compensate for challenging areas. Our dedicated team enables students to understand the nature of their learning difference, and to implement methods to achieve confidence and effectiveness in school.

“Garber Academics is focused on the whole child.
Our child greatly benefited from their team's ability to identify and meet his intellectual needs. Whether preparing for standardized tests, studying for classes, or planning a college entrance strategy, Garber Academics' associates succeeded in bringing out the best in a student.”

~Karen Sulzberger and Eric Lax

English tutor

Support for Learning Difficulties

Working together with school educators and outside professionals, our team offers an objective student assessment and a comprehensive approach to management at school and at home. Tutors provide individualized support to develop academic skills, learn specific strategies to compensate for challenges, and enhance organization and time management.