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Scholastic Success

Scholastic Success provides one-on-one academic tutoring in core and advanced subjects, as well as in organization and study skills. Since learning styles vary, it is often quite valuable to provide a compatible personality for teaching and motivating a particular student. We take great care in selecting each of our professional tutors and in finding the best match for each student.

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Subject Tutoring

Our experienced tutors focus on specific areas - from basic math to calculus; from essay writing to AP English; from science fair projects to chemistry. We not only provide tutoring on an as-needed basis, but also offer "preview/review" tutoring that aims to instill confidence for those subjects that can be a struggle.

Organizational and Study Skills

As demands on a student's time mount, it becomes increasingly important to learn how to work more efficiently. Improved organizational and study skills help ease the nightly academic load and the panic that can come when multiple tests and due dates become overwhelming. Either proactively or reactively, we believe most students can benefit from a primer in these areas.

“Ann made our homeschooling experience a huge success. She handled the legal issues, hired inspiring teachers, developed an exciting curriculum, and ultimately gave our children an amazing academic year that put them ahead of their grade level. Beyond offering a professional service, she became a good family friend.”

~Justin Chang and Amanda Brown

Home Schooling

For some families, establishing a home school is preferable to traditional school options. While this can be a daunting task, Garber Academics has the professional experience to handle development of the best, personalized academic program for your student as well as the legal and logistic details of homeschooling. Filing required documents, hiring qualified, inspiring teachers, and organizing field trips that are both fun and instructive make up the fundamental framework, upon which the full program is created. With a curriculum that often exceeds California standards, students are able to develop academic confidence while pursuing outside interests.