Admissions tutoring

Admissions Advantage

Garber Academics assists students and their families with both independent secondary school, college and graduate school admissions. Students and parents meet with Dr. Garber who provides advice and guidance through the rigorous admissions process.

Through close, individualized, one-on-one interaction, Garber Academics consistently succeeds in finding the best possible match between student and school.

Secondary School Admissions

As the authority on Los Angeles independent school admissions, Dr. Garber provides families with valuable insight and guidance for any family considering private schools. While preparation for standardized school admission tests is taken seriously for each student, Garber Academics provides a more comprehensive approach to ensure that the candidate's personal, athletic, extracurricular and more unique strengths are effectively highlighted. Experienced counseling and a tailored admissions plan takes into account the academic, social, family, and personal factors for each student when helping to set and achieve goals.

“Garber Academics helped our two daughters navigate both the private secondary school and college admissions process. Ann's perceptive observations of the personalities of each school, combined with her insightful and patient guidance, saved countless hours of time and trouble. We highly recommend Garber Academics to any family that desires a through and personalized approach to the admissions process.”

~Hildy and Walter Hill

Graduation day

College Admissions

Dr. Garber's extensive experience with supporting students through the college admissions process makes her a valuable advisor during this important time. Guidance is provided to assist students in selecting colleges that offer the school experience best suited to their particular needs and interests. The relevance of grades, standardized test scores, summer experiences, and extracurricular activities is considered with reference to the student's objectives, and suggestions are made regarding high school courses and nonacademic pursuits. Counseling focuses on the process of decision-making, college visits, applying, essays, interviews and letters of recommendation. The goal: help the student to become a stronger candidate for the right college.

The College Interview

If you are lucky enough to be offered an interview, be sure to take full advantage of this opportunity to differentiate yourself from other applicants. Click here to download our PDF.